We'll help you to your goal

We'll agree realistic goals with you and show you how to get there quickly and safely

General fitness

We have all the fitness tools necessary to motivate you and make your journey a happy and successful one.


We have a vast array of equipment ranging from fully commercial cardiovascular machines, a weights section which also features resistance machines to tone those muscles, plus a comprehensive circuit of resistance training machines which will give you a total body workout, and a full range of 'Functional training' kit such as battle ropes, suspension trainers and kettlebells if you prefer a more dynamic workout.


You'll find us to be an amazingly friendly facility suitable for all!



Exercise for special conditions

Patients with long-term neurological conditions are at present poorly served with regard to exercise referral, despite a growing evidence base confirming the benefits of exercise. 


With neurological illnesses the body often begins to break down physiologically, but exercise will in many cases help limit regression and help recover the ability to perform activities of daily living.


 A tailored exercise regime will also improve mental wellbeing and enhance energy, motivation and confidence which is highly important.


For those with Dementia and memory loss we provide sessions either on a one to one basis or in a selection of North Cornwall Memory Cafes



Exercise for the prevention of falls and injuries in frailer older people

Our core purpose here is to improve the live of frailer older people and Stroke survivors, through effective evidence-based exercise protocols in both one to one and Care home settings

Fitness classes, Personal Training and Nutrition

There's something here for you!

Fitness classes


We hold a vast range of class taught by highly experienced instructors, you will definitely find something here for you!

Personal Training

Why not train one-to-one or one-to-two with a highly qualified Register of Exercise Professionals level 3 and level 4 trainers. Kick start your fitness right here with a session tailored precisely to your unique needs!


Healthy eating is a major fitness component and will help you to achieve your goals. Please speak to us for expert advice and ensure you reach your target in a safe and realistic way!

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